Know about the Pure Vitamin C vegan lipstick

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, also called ascorbic acid. It is an essential nutrient that must be consumed as food because it is not produced in the body. Vitamin C, mainly available in tablet, liquid form, and dietary supplements, is best known for its ability to boost immunity and help your body absorb iron. In recent years, vitamin C has also been widely used in cosmetics, and at Ciracle you can find a natural pure vitamin C vegan lipstick(stabilized vitamin C 8%) with several beneficial properties.

What is the formulation of Vitamin C? 

Vitamin C, the L-ascorbic acid with a molecular formula: of C6H8O6, and it is well soluble in water, previously mentioned the substance is not synthesized by the human body and is usually accepted in the form of food. The daily sources of Vitamin C are citrus fruits such as oranges, grapes, tomatoes, tangerines, pickles and much more. 

Health experts prefer consuming fruits containing Vitamin C to strengthen the immune system and cell structure. It is the vitamin that has a positive impact on the collagen synthesized naturally in the body. 

Properties of Vitamin C in the Cosmetic World

The optimal concentration of Vitamin C for the skin will depend on the type of formulation and presentation but should always be greater than 8% and less than 20%. Products such as Pure Vitamin C natural tinted lip balm have lots of benefits for lips due to the presence of Vitamin C in them. These are the major benefits of Vitamin C compound that are favorable for cosmetic usage: 

  • Skin brightening properties
  • Anti-aging effects 
  • Collagen synthesize factors
  • Works as antioxidants
  • Natural exfoliating

Vitamin C can also offer healing advantages when applied on facial surfaces such as lips. Facial skin surfaces can appear clean and clear with a beautiful natural glow. 

How is Vitamin C used in Beauty Products?

Being a versatile natural compound, you can seize the advantages of  Vitamin C lip Moisturizer for dry lips by Ciracle. The ascorbic acid properties make an easy way towards the beauty industry and cosmetic products. There are many more others uses of Vitamin C in cosmeceutical brands, such as: 

  • vitamin serums
  • lipsticks 
  • Shampoos
  • renewing and strengthening conditioners
  • Masks
  • brightening foundations

Unquestionably, ascorbic acid is one of the most beneficial components in lotions that rejuvenate the face, hands, and entire body. Additionally, it is utilized to create high-quality vegan cosmetics or goods without animal ingredients.


Limitations of Vitamin C Products

Even such a good vitamin C ingredient has a limitation. It is easily oxidized by air, light, and heat. In addition, when vitamin C is mixed with a liquid, the oxidation rate is faster. The most representative ways of preventing oxidation of Vitamin C products should be stored in a cool place out of sunlight or refrigerated, and used as soon as possible. That's because vitamin C for topical use has the problem of its rapid oxidation of ascorbic acid in dehydroascorbic acid on contact with air and metals or if they were preserved at high temperatures. 

Features of Vitamin C Lip care range by Ciracle 

Here is an example of overcoming these weaknesses. Ciracle is a product that applies technology specialized in stabilizing vitamin C with as much as high concentration. The Vitamin C lip care products offered at Ciracle with 8% vitamin C concentration in their core part: 

  • Ciracle C8 Vitamin C Lipstick 01 Red 
  • Ciracle C8 Vitamin C Lipstick 02 Orange 
  • Ciracle C8 Vitamin C Lipstick 03 Coral
  • Ciracle C8 Vitamin C Lipstick 04 Pink

Those products are VEGAN formulations. 

Other Vitamin C boosted products are: 

  • Ciracle Red Spot White Serum
  • Ciracle Vitamin Source C-20
  • Ciracle Red Vitamin Serum 

What are the features of the Ciracle Lip Formula?

  • Vitamin C is included in the core portion at 8%. Antioxidant complexes such as the shell part, ferulic acid, CoQ10, tocotrienol, resveratrol, vitamin E acetate, etc., are present.
  • The most crucial element is that collagen formation for lip skin is widely recognized to be aided by pure vitamin C.
  • This lip balm not only keeps the skin on your lips healthy, but it also gives your lips a natural plumpness. Orange is not a vibrant hue.


What are the benefits of Vitamin C on lips? 

The product range Vitamin C lip Moisturizer for cracked and chapped lips by Ciracle tends to heal your lips from the depth. It also prevents the formation of bacterial layers from getting saturated on the lips. 

Here are the predominant merits of using Vitamin C lip products: 

  • A natural lip plumpers

Vitamin c is well-known for collagen synthesis factors. It promotes lip plumping and an antioxidant effect helps to restore the damaged or broken lip layers. Your lips will feel more comfortable and revitalise it.

  • Reduces pigmentation

Because the product focused on the lip skin care effect, The lipstick formula is formulated with high oil percent and low pigment percent. (

Since it is a soft formulation including high oil volume, please use it by turning it only 1~2cm.)

  • Moisturises lip surface

The rich in Vitamin C and E and antioxidants and oils condition and shine your lips. Those ingredients help to lip-lighten, exfoliate, and profoundly moisturize the skin while reducing flakiness and discoloration.

  • Animal origin ingredients free 

Products like Pure Vitamin C vegan lipstick by Ciracle do not have any animal origin ingredients. 

So far, We have been looking about Ciracle C8 Vitamin Lipstick. How reliable is this product? We suggest you trust the best lip care range available at Ciracle. Vitamin C cream for your lips. You can check the Pure Vitamin C vegan lipstick and natural tinted lip balm