The best vitamin C serum

Find your best vitamin c serum is easy.

Ciracle has two types of vitamin c serum for skin brightening.

For acne scar whitening, 15% vitamin c + 2% Arbutin included "Ciracle red spot white serum" and For dull skin brightening serum 20% vitamin c + Adenosine included "Ciracle vitamin source c-20" is the best.

Vitamin C acts as skin brightening, stimulating collagen synthesis, wrinkle care, exfoliation, etc. the best ingredients for skin health.

Tips: To boost vitamin C skin effect, apply with vitamin e included cream or oil after applying vitamin c serum. This helps maintain skin surface hydration, so continuously absorb vitamin c into the skin. (If skin dry, it is hard to absorb vitamin c to the skin) also, vitamin c and e make a synergy effect to wrinkle care and skin brightening.