How to use 'Vitamin C Serum (20%)' and 'Vitamin E Cream (5%)'

Vitamin C and E

How to use 'Vitamin C Serum (20%)' and 'Vitamin E Cream (5%)'

*Ciracle Vitamin C Serum include Pure Vitamin C , Ascorbic Acid.


1. Use the Dropper to take the Ciracle Vitamin C20 Serum onto your hand .

2. Apply the serum to the desired area, such as the forehead wrinkles, the eye area wrinkles, cheeks and around the lips.

 Here are the main benefits of the Pure Vitamin C for skin

  • Pure Vitamin C has Antioxidant ability. It gets rid of free radical which made from skin tissue.
  • Pure Vitamin C increases synthesis of Collagen, it makes skin elasticity and anti-wrinkle effect.
  • Pure Vitamin C inhibits melanin formation, making it improving effect skin freckles and blemishes
  • Pure Vitamin C reduces skin inflammation effect.

* Vitamin C serum‘s pH is 3.0. It is lower than the skin pH which is pH 5~5.5. So that’s why when sensitive skin, it might sting a little bit. But Living Tissue has the ‘buffering’ ability, the feeling disappears quickly. If you hate the sting feeling, you can use it mixing with other toner.


3. After 2~3 minutes, Vitamin C serum absorbed to skin, apply the Vitamin E Cream over it. 


Vitamin E Cream helps absorbing the Vitamin C serum in the skin, vitamin E also get rid of free radical in the skin, it works synergistically in anti-aging.

In this way, in the every evening for a week, you will immediately experience a shiny and bright skin. In the fast case, people can experience in 2~3 days .

It is okay that apply Vitamin C serum in the morning. Vitamin C is known that destroyed by light, but the more you can get the effect of preventing free radicals from rapidly increasing by UV light. And also, Vitamin C Serum has low pH, it works like peeling in Dermatology, so it is recommend to use sunscreen or make-up when exposed to UV light.